Introduction: Having a Hot Time in the Old Town

Written by Cafe Campesino on Aug 1, 2007 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

We know we aren’t alone in saying “ayyy carrumba, is it hot!” In this month’s newsletter, we’ll remind you how to keep cool with a few of our special traditional iced espresso drinks, because if your part of the country is anything like ours, you need a way to cool that body of yours down! Also in this edition of Fair Grounds, learn more about our producer partner Café Timor, whose beautiful coffee is on special for our newsletter readers (by the way, our East Timor dark just happens to be perfect for making iced coffee drinks), read more about our good friends at cdp digital download/coffee express who are getting bicyclists all over the country hooked on our Critical Mass dark roast blend, and scan Community Caravan for the goings-on during what used to be known as Café Campesino’s “down time.”

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