Introduction: July 2009

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Welcome to this edition of Fair Grounds. We’re glad you’re here!
In this issue, we introduce you to a couple of new members to the Café Campesino family. One of the additions is available in 1lb, 2lb, and 5lb bags as this month’s newsletter special. The other newcomer weighed in at 6lbs 15oz and is the precious gift of a newborn baby girl. Check the Newsletter Special for more about our new coffee offering from Uganda and check out Community Caravan for an introduction to Dave & Jackie’s darling little one.

Also, see the Caravan for more of the latest happenings at Café Campesino (some extra “roasting” happened one recent Saturday night) as well as some cool news from Sweetwater Organic Coffee Company in Gainesville, Fla. Speaking of cool, we’ve also got another tasty treat of a recipe from the coffee house crew. And our Producer Profile introduces our newest coffee partner from Uganda… welcome, Gumutindo. Another partnership story highlights an adventurous event coordinated by a local community group that we’re helping to sponsor. We’ve got another quote as well as some fun coffee info for ya. There are also some thoughtful Fair Trade reflections and neat photos in our Feature Article following a recent trip to Guatemala as part of the Catholic Relief Services Project – CAFE Livelihoods. And we’ve got a YouTube moment that we invite you to enjoy, courtesy of one of our baristas and his free time and talent.

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