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Welcome to our July 2010 Fair Grounds newsletter.  We begin this month’s edition with a question: Does $1.91 mean much to you?  It’s less than a gallon of gas; it’s about the price of a large cup of coffee at your favorite fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee house; it’s the sales tax on a new blouse or pair of jeans.  Not much, right?  Well, it may not amount to much in our North American standard of living but to those who grow and harvest coffee for their living, $1.91 is an important number.  As of July 1st, we are committing ourselves to paying a minimum of $1.91 per pound of green coffee to the farmer cooperatives that we are in partnership with.  That $1.91 minimum is currently 30 cents more than the Fair Trade minimum ($1.61 per pound) that is the FLOsafeguard against a low market price.  While we’re not the first to take this step, we certainly hope we aren’t the last either.  It’s long overdue that we all address the real needs and the absolute realities that our trading partners endure to provide for their families and their communities.  We owe them a better price for the fruits of their labor.  And while $1.91 per pound is a positive step, there is still much to do.  So let’s call this a first step in our ongoing effort to make trade fair – truly fair.  Let’s keep working on supporting the folks who grow great coffee.  Let’s keep working on supporting each other.  Thank you for joining us in the endeavor.

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