Introduction: Keeping the Fair Trade Momentum Going

Written by Cafe Campesino on Jul 1, 2005 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

The summer heat and humidity aren’t keeping the Cafe Campesino staff from spreading the Fair Trade message (though they might just slow us down a tad!). Geoffrey recently represented us at Paddle Georgia, and Lee and Tripp will head to North Carolina in mid-August for a Fair Trade weekend organized by friends of Café Campesino in Highlands. We’ve also just brought a new coffee into the fold — the intensely flavorful Ethiopia Harrar. You find more on all of this in this month’s issue of Fair Grounds, along with a producer profile of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative, an intriguing article from interns working for the Mexico Solidarity Network, a new recipe, and a brand spanking new crossword puzzle contest. Grab an iced mocha, settle back and enjoy…

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