Introduction: Keeping the Faith in Tough Times

Written by Cafe Campesino on Mar 1, 2003 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

As we were putting the finishing touches on this month’s edition of Fair Grounds, our country launched a pre-emptive war against Iraq.

At Café Campesino, we truly enjoy what we do. We strive to help, through simple conscious actions, make the world a better place. And we typically enjoy writing this newsletter and sharing our stories with you. But it was very difficult, and felt somewhat irrelevant, to assemble this month’s chronicle of our fair trade work. These are dark times. Our country’s leadership is determined to cross — with grand, destructive force — the line we drew in the sand. We hope that more rational minds will prevail and the war will be called off. We pray for the safety of all of those who will be affected by this inevitable invasion. And we hope that one day mankind will resolve to balance the immense resources and energy that are so readily invested in armed conflict with an equal investment of creative talent, thought and finance in the name of peace. Astounding, delightful things would happen.

That said, we continue with this issue of Fair Grounds

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