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Written by Cafe Campesino on Feb 1, 2005 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

We wish to thank EVERYONE who purchased Café Campesino’s Aceh Relief Blend to help us raise funds for our producer partners in Sumatra. We have been heartened by our producer partners there, who, despite their own losses, provided relief at their facility to over 3,000 refugees who also had been affected by the tsunami and earthquakes in December. Café Campesino is donating all of the profits on the sale of this blend to the Coffee Kids Sumatra Relief Project, which directly benefits our producer partners at the PPKGO cooperative in Aceh. To date we have sold more than 400 pounds of the Relief Blend and expect to donate almost $3000 to the Coffee Kids relief project. If you wish to contribute to the continuing relief efforts in Sumatra, please do so directly to Coffee Kids. We will be maintaining our Aceh Relief news section for the foreseeable future, so updated information about our producer partners in Sumatra and their progress in rebuilding after the disaster will still be available at Thank you again for your support!

In this month’s issue of Fair Grounds, we offer a brief update on Tripp and Lee’s visit to Guatemala. We also include a profile of our Guatemala producer APECAFORM, customer and Fair Trade Friend spotlights, a new recipe and trivia question and more. Grab a big ol’ mug of your favorite Café Campesino brew and read on…

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