Introduction: Kicking into Summer with Many Reasons to Celebrate

Written by Cafe Campesino on Jun 1, 2008 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

Cafe Campesino has parlayed a healthy energy from a diverse crowd for the documentary premiere of “Soapy,” with the inspiration of a successful World Fair Trade Day, the renovations of a forthcoming new cafe’, and exciting preparations for BRAG. Now, we are about to make the initial visit to ACOES, our newest trading partner, located in Tacuba, El Salvador.

With somber thought, Cafe Campesino would like to thank all of you who ordered online between May 8th and May 30th. Your support not only helped promote Fair Trade, but also provided a donation for the victims of tropical cyclone Nagris in Myanmar. Cafe Campesino is getting ready to send a check to CARE to help fund the relief efforts. Thank you for supporting essential global humanitarian efforts.

In this issue, Amy Leigh-Tyson looks back with long-time supporter, web-developer and friend Geoffrey Hennies, while Tripp outlines an extensive community caravan and introduces a mini-blog on the pending trip to El Salvador. Our monthly special, of course, ties into that newest producer connection with ACOES as well. We round out the issue with a tasty recipe of the month, bold quote, and the exciting news that we have a bit of Ethiopian Harrar on hand!

Love and Beans,

Jimmy Foglio

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