Introduction: October 2010

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Fair is fair.  But how do we define it?  This month’s edition of Fair Grounds is all about helping to bring some clarity to that discussion.  On the heels of September’s successful Fair Trade Federation conference where FT leaders gathered and collaborated, October is Fair Trade Month.  From coffee to chocolate to sugar to tea to bananas and so much more, its time to celebrate the growers and producers who bring us quality products and, in return, ask that we consider their time and efforts to be deserving of a living wage.  In the strive to pay a better price for Fair Trade merchandise, we need to consider our approach as well as that of others who call themselves fair traders.  Our feature article begins a series of looks at the state of Fair Trade.  We hope you will read, learn, enjoy, and come back for more as we delve deeper into a subject with deep meaning for millions of people around this world.  Thanks for joining us again this month.  Cheers to you.  And know that we always invite your feedback on these and other discussions.  Write to us anyime at

Note: We are following developments in Nicaragua and elsewhere following devastating flooding and landslides as Hurricane Matthew stormed through Central America last week.  Reports are that hundreds of homes have been demolished.  In some cases, entire communities have become stranded with little shelter, food, or clean water.  Our thoughts and well wishes go out to those struggling with these events.

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