Introduction: Ringing in a Fair Trade Holiday Season

Written by Cafe Campesino on Dec 1, 2003 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

The December winds are blowing, seasonal music is playing in all the shops and here at Café Campesino, we’re gearing up for a hectic few weeks. In fact, when we’re not doing our regular jobs, we all take turns bagging coffee to make sure you get your order on time. But we don’t mind being busy, because the end result is more money in the pockets of our farmer partners.

This year, with global trade issues so much in the news, it’s more important than ever to show your support for Fair Trade. In this issue of Fair Grounds, you’ll find out about Global Exchange’s Fair Trade Challenge, which includes a load of great resources. We’ve also got a staff update, a Community Caravan, a Fellow Fair Trader spotlight plus a new trivia question, recipe and Fair Trade fact. It’s a jam-packed issue! Kick back and read on!

Speaking of the holidays, if you’d like to send someone you love (or like a whole bunch) a gift of Fair Trade coffee, keep in mind that Wednesday, December 17th, is the last day to order from Café Campesino for guaranteed delivery (using standard UPS) by Christmas Day. After that, we can still get your order to its destination, but you’re shipping options will be limited (and more expensive). So order today!

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