Introduction: Shade Grown Coffee– It’s For the Birds!

Written by Cafe Campesino on Aug 1, 2002 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

Aaah…there’s nothing like sitting on your deck or porch on an early summer morning listening to the choir of songbirds over a steaming cup of Café Campesino coffee. But imagine for a moment that the music stopped. It could happen. If the South American rainforests where migratory birds have found a sanctuary continue to be destroyed by unscrupulous conglomerates trying to get a better coffee yield, hundreds of bird species could be eradicated. And that means fewer feathered friends flying northward in the spring to sing on our branches.

In this issue of Fair Grounds, we delve into the issue of shade grown vs. “technified” coffee. We also take a look at the efforts of the Atlanta Audubon Society to protect songbird habitats through their Shade Grown Coffee Campaign.

We’re also introducing our monthly Fair Grounds Trivia Contest. Answer this month’s question correctly and you may win a free pound of the Café Campesino coffee of your choice!

Read on, learn, and enjoy!

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