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Written by Cafe Campesino on Jun 1, 2002 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

It’s June, the start of the much anticipated travel season. And as savvy travelers, we’re busy planning trips to enchanting and intriguing destinations. Topographical maps, hiking gear, and camping equipment decorate our table tops. But before you delve into this issue of Fair Grounds or embark on your own summer excursions, take a moment to think about ecotourism. Conventional guide books or even adventurous travel references don’t often mention the effects that travel can have on our fragile global ecosystem. At Café Campesino, our house rules are 1) to preserve and conserve, reuse and reduce; and 2) to live as a democracy and love the earth and all its inhabitants. The latter is where ecotourism serves as our guiding principle.

What is ecotourism? Because the definition is subjective, not to mention complex, it’s difficult to put it into concise words. For us, however, it’s our continuing journey to become responsible travelers who conserve natural environments and sustain the well-being of their inhabitants. As our business grows and travel becomes a greater part of it, exercising ecotourism is a continuing challenge. So we do our homework — researching and learning alternative travel practices. is an excellent resource for both the inexperienced or experienced eco-traveler. Practicing ecotourism is an ethic, a way for us to raise our level of conscious and think about the environmental impacts of business and personal travel.

We encourage you to travel with zeal this year and continue to embrace foreign cultures. But as you do, remember that your actions can have consequences on the environment. Tread lightly on the land. The planet will thank you for it.

As you plan your summer itinerary (over a cup of Café Campesino coffee, one would hope), we invite you to journey with us to Perú, our decaf coffee origin and an Andean culture with inspiring resonance.

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