Introduction: The Heat is On…

Written by Cafe Campesino on Aug 1, 2006 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

Hot, Hot, Hot…that’s the best way to describe things here at Café Campesino…though we know we’re not alone! We’ve finished construction on the new production facility and are putting the final touches on it. Despite the convection-oven-like atmosphere in the warehouse, we’re ramping up for the big move! In just a few days Lee will be able to crank up “Big Yella” (the unofficial nickname for our new, and improved yellow roaster) for the first time…he’s like a kid waiting for Chuckee Cheese’s to open! Read on for info about our newsletter special, a follow up to Bill’s July Fair Grounds article by our very own Tripp Pomeroy, and this month’s Show your Café Campesino Pride winning Haiku. So ice down your coffee if you have to, find a cool place to sit back, relax and ponder the possibility of a Fair Trade world!

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