Introduction: The True Meaning of Independence

Written by Cafe Campesino on Jul 1, 2002 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

It’s July, and that has the staff here at Café Campesino thinking about independence. Not only the independence of the American colonists from England in 1776 but also freedom from oppression for people all over the world. The ability to live one’s life free from the dictates of a repressive government is truly something to be celebrated. We Americans commemorate our independence with parades, backyard gatherings and fireworks. It’s a day for kicking back, enjoying the company of friends and family (as you savor an iced cup of Café Campesino coffee, perhaps?). But after the last burger (or meatless equivalent) has come off the grill and the skyrocket trails have vanished from the night sky, it’s also a time to appreciate the gift of freedom our forefathers gave us so many years ago when they fought for the right to govern their own country.

In this issue of Fair Grounds, we visit the South American country of Colombia, which on July 20th marks its independence from the tyranny of Spanish rule. It’s a festive day, marked by parades, music, dance and fiesta. But it’s also a day of hope, for an end to the terrible violence that keeps the Colombian people from being truly free.

We may disagree with the actions of our elected officials (and often times do), but thank God we have the freedom in this country to openly express our discontent without fear. Maybe one day the Colombian people (and oppressed people around the world) will be just as fortunate.

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