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May brings significant transition for Café Campesino, with expansion around the bend, the commencement of a ten year anniversary that coincides with World Fair Trade Day, and a fresh newsletter team. Yet while steady growth helps expand our scope, we remain committed to maintaining the identity and principles of Fair Trade upon which we were founded.

This issue of Fair Grounds marks the first created by our new in-house editorial team, Jimmy Foglio and Stephanie Banas.

Jimmy grew up in New Jersey and attended Michigan State University. After earning a MA in American History from Rutgers, he worked as a journalist for two years, and eventually returned to school for a MA in Education. While teaching in Colorado, he continued to write freelance and published a memoir titled “Travels With Aspen.” Upon meeting his future wife, Tamara, they moved to Americus where she works for Habitat for Humanity International and he teaches.

Jimmy became interested in Fair Trade after meeting Bill and Tripp, where he found it was everything he had ever believed in, but until that point could never put into words. The goal is to blend his training as a social and cultural historian with a journalistic voice to diversify and transcend our audience and promote the growth of Fair Trade.

Originally from Chicago, Stephanie received a degree in Creative Writing from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. She has held jobs ranging from hairdresser to farmer, and currently works for Habitat for Humanity International. While working with Habitat in Guatemala, she became fluent in Spanish, and continues to collaborate most specifically with the Latin America and Caribbean region.

Stephanie appreciates Café Campesino’s drive to make Fair Trade ‘tocable’; that is to say, to make it something we can wrap our hands around. She’s impressed with Bill and Tripp’s passion for genuine conversation, and their steep commitment towards relationships surrounding coffee. From producing partners to fellow roasters to those of us that drink it, their choices constantly prove that coffee can be a catalyst for positive and creative change.

Reality hits us broadside when we choose to live with integrity, and Fair Trade asks that we make that choice. Stephanie finds that Café Campesino has done that, and looks forward to sharing part of their story.

We would like to thank our good friends Lynn and Don at Starstruck Design for all they have done over the years to produce our newsletter and for their unwavering support of Cafe Campesino and the Fair Trade movement. Thank you Lynn and Don!

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