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That’s right- we’ve hit it big.   Georgia Public Broadcasting- big.  Cafe Campesino’s Americus and Sweet Auburn Curb Market locations will be featured on GPB’s Georgia Traveler episode, which airs this weekend (Friday, Jan. 21, at 8p.m., Saturday, Jan. 22, at  7 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 23,  at 7:30 p.m. on GPB stations).  Learn more about the episode, entitled “Gathering and Giving,” below, or watch it online now.

At the roaster in Americus, Bill & Tripp are interviewed by David Zelski.

The GA Travelin' car parked in front of our HQ in Americus.

For Immediate Release

January 18, 2011

Georgia Traveler’s “Gathering and Giving”

Premieres Friday, January 21 at 8 PM

Join hosts David Zelski, Kat Carney and Rickey Bevington for Georgia Traveler’s new episode “Gathering and Giving,” as they bring you stories from Americus, Atlanta, Tiger, Savannah and Zebulon. “Gathering and Giving” premieres Friday, January 21 at 8 PM, with encores Saturday, January 22 at 7 PM and Sunday, January 23 at 7:30 PM

If you’re feeling bad about drinking too much coffee, David’s visit to Café Campesino in Americus will change your mind. He talks with café founder Bill Harris about how his experience with a Guatemalan farmer opened his eyes to the benefits that Fair Trade can offer small-scale farmers. Café Campesino has established relationships with farmers, buying and importing their green coffee, paying them a fair wage, and selling it to roasters all across America and a few stand-alone stores such as the Sweet Auburn Curb Market in downtown Atlanta, where David gets a fresh-brewed cup.

While in Atlanta at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, David learns about its history. The market dates back to the 1920’s and used to be racially segregated.  Through the years it dwindled in popularity and sales, but stimulus funds and dedicated community backers like Café Campesino have allowed this downtown market to make a comeback.

Have an appetite for something in addition to coffee? Kat’s story on Chef Joe Randall’s Cooking School in Savannah will hit the spot. Kat visits the school and learns how the chef’s promise to put “a little south in your mouth” and “joy back into your kitchen” has attracted visitors from all over the world. A forty-eight year veteran of the hospitality and food service industry, Randall is passionate about sharing his love of food with others.

David finds a unique destination in Tiger that will have you humming the lyrics to the classic “Up On The Roof,” when he visits the aptly named Goats on the Roof. Here goats such as Cosmo spend their days grazing on the roof. David tries his hand a feeding the goats as well as learning about the establishment’s other quirky finds, such as t-shirts tie-dyed with Georgia red clay.

On a more serious note, Rickey goes to Zebulon to explore the final resting place of the only African-American Georgian known to have fought in the American Revolutionary War, Austin Dabney. We learn about Austin Dabney’s near-fatal wound at the Battle of Kettle Creek in Washington, Georgia, and his lifelong friendship with Giles and Elizabeth Harris, who saved his life.  Dabney went on to gain his freedom and become a successful landowner and businessman.

Georgia Traveler is a GPB Original weekly half hour series that explores all corners of Georgia. In each episode, hosts David Zelski, Kat Carney and Rickey Bevington take you on a variety of journeys. Here you might meet interesting folks or learn something fascinating that you may have never known about the state of Georgia. Whether it’s Savannah’s ghostly legends or a wine tour in the mountains, we’ll be there to share with Georgians and visitors some of our state’s most beautiful, exciting and unusual treasures.

Georgia Traveler is produced in partnership with the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

GPB Media is Television, Radio and Education: your PBS station serving all of Georgia; your source for great music and NPR news; and Georgia’s source for top-quality multiple media educational products and services.

Watch GPB TV on these nine stations across Georgia: Atlanta – Channel 8.1; Albany – WABW/14.1, Augusta – WCES/20.1, Chatsworth – WCLP/18.1, Columbus – WJSP/28.1, Dawson – WACS/25.1, Macon – WMUM/29.1, Savannah – WVAN/9.1, Waycross – WXGA/8.1.

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