New Beginnings & Changes at Cafe Campesino

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Pomeroy Family Going Away Party at Harris Family Farm, March 2012

Late last month, Tripp Pomeroy and his family gathered with a group of some of their near and dear Americus friends to say “hasta luego.” From its start, the Pomeroy Family has been committed to “living the adventure,” Tripp says,  and a number of exciting new opportunities awaited the family in the Miami area.  While Tripp remains CEO, general management for Cafe Campesino, Cafe Campesino at Sweet Auburn and Sweetwater Organic Coffee has been divided between a general management team that consists of Tina Adkins, Nancy Aparicio, Dave Campbell and Nema Etheridge.  The team is supported by staff at all three locations, most notably coffee house managers Karen Montano (in Americus) and Lauren Knight (at Sweet Auburn).  If going from a hierarchical management structure to a collaborative one weren’t revolutionary enough, Cafe Campesino is also in the midst of educating its key leadership staff in its financials- making all expenses, costs, income, profits and losses transparent to a group of seven (and eventually to all staff).  Known as “Open Books Management,” this finanical training is at the end of its first quarter, and itself serves as an exciting new chapter for Cafe Campesino.  Stay tuned for updates, or ask one of the participants what he or she thinks.

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