Our Favorite Filmmaker: Minh Nguyen

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Minh Nguyen, Americus-Sumter High School Graduate, Yale University freshman and a fantastic filmmaker!

So, Minh Nguyen (pronounced “win”) breezed into our world this summer as Bill’s blueberry pickin’ manager (for Easterlin Farms), and then all of a sudden she began wowing us with her video-making talents.  After two Easterlin Farm videos, Minh set her sights on Cafe Campesino and came up with the Good Coffee video that received town-wide acclaim and made internet sensations out of our local Americus stars.  Since making her last (soon-to-be released) video of Cafe Campesino,  Minh started her freshman year at Yale University (way up North).  We caught up with Minh to learn more about life as a college student.

FG: Are you having fun?!?
MN:  Yeah!  It’s definitely a lot of fun.  My favorite part is meeting all of the different people.  They come from all over.   Probably the person with the neatest background is this Irish guy who was born in Ireland but grew up in Uganda.

FG:  Have you been busy the past few weeks?
MN:  The first two weeks I spent adjusting and having fun, but now classes have picked up, and there is A LOT of reading and writing.

FG: What class do you hate?
MN: Probably Philosophy, because it’s such dense reading.

FG: What class do you love?
MN:  Philosophy again.  It’s a love-hate relationship.  I love the class discussions, but I hate the reading.  Also, I’m taking Korean, and that’s pretty interesting.

FG: Have you made any more films?
MN:  Not yet!  But there is a student-run production company on campus, and tomorrow I’m meeting the guy who is in charge of that.  Hopefully, I will be the assistant director for one of his projects.

FG: What do you miss about Americus?
MN: I miss the people.  I miss sweet tea (they don’t drink that up here!). I  also, surprisingly, miss the weather.  There are extremes up here, and it’s impossible to know how to dress-  it’s cold in the morning, and it’s hot by noon. 

FG: Have you picked a major?
MN: Not yet.  I’m still undecided, but I’m in “Humanities Intensive,” which keeps me pretty busy.

FG:  Thanks for talking Minh!  We hope to see you when you get home.  When do you plan to be back?
MN: Dec. 17 or 18th.  The ticket is already purchased.

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