Producer Profile: FECAFEB, Bolivia

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FECAFEB – Bolivia

Founded in 1991 and made up of 30 farmer-cooperatives representing 8700 families, FECAFEB (Federacion de Caficultores Exportadores de Bolivia) is an independent national federation of the small coffee producers’ organizations.

Over the years, FECAFEB and its member coops have developed in important ways including a widespread training program for administrative, leadership and quality control improvements offered to 470 cooperative leaders old and new; in creating a political space for the voice of small-scale coffee producers to be heard and amplified; and in the sale of 120 containers of coffee primarily into the Fair Trade, Organic and other specialty markets.  Holland, Germany, France, Belgium, New Zealand, and the USA are among the several countries to which FECAFEB currently exports.

Cooperative Coffees participated in an extensive tour of FECAFEB cooperatives in May 2006. Out of that impressive visit came Cooperative Coffees first contracts of Bolivian Fair Trade and organic coffee.

One of the producer groups we visited is the Associacion Integral de Productores Ecologicos de Pumiri (AIPEP), with whom we have booked our first lot of coffee. AIPEP currently has 32 founding members and 22 recently enlisted. The founding members have worked hard to construct impressive internal systems for excellent organic production and quality control, as well as solid mechanisms for assuring participation and administrative oversite by the members. AIPEP leaders say some 120 other farmers in the surrounding areas are watching their progress at securing markets, and have the potential to multiply their export capacity four-fold. AIPEP has been certified by IMO Control since 2002, but to date has not been able to export directly, nor be adequately compensated for their organic investment.

Café Campesino and Cooperative Coffees are proud to support these Bolivian coffee farmers by paying a fair price for their excellent coffee. We look forward to many more years of growth and partnership.

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