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The Federacion de Caficultores de la Region Sur (FEDECARES) was born out of the necessity to rebuild the coffee regions after the devastating Cyclone David hit the Dominican Republic in 1979. The producers understood that they would become stronger by joining forces, so they created individual community associations. In 1983, 60 different community associations came together to form the regional structure of FEDECARES. Today, FEDECARES has 5,500 members in 13 provinces of the Dominican Republic. They produce about 20 containers of coffee annually, almost all of which is sold at Fair Trade prices. Their coffee is grown at elevations ranging from 1900 to 4000 feet; they harvest it from October to February and export it between November and April.

FEDECARES provides its members with an educational and technical support that allows them to constantly produce the highest quality beans and ensures a sustainable management of natural resources. They strive to contribute to a better quality of life for all their members and their families. Not only do they provide assistance to the members during the harvest season, FEDECARES also supports them in other areas, such as marketing, training, and technical support.

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