Producer Profile: Fondo Paez, Colombia

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This cooperative includes 550 producers, of whom more than half are Certified Organic.  Their production volume has been increasing due to the diligence and hard work of the democratically governed cooperative and its members.  Technical assistance with quality control and organics is a priority that is evident in the top quality coffee that they continue to harvest, process, and ship.  And they’ve continued to persevere amidst a climate of political upheaval and unrest that has included years of armed conflict.
We’ve received word that the next crop from Fondo Paez is estimated to be approximately one-third smaller than last year’s due to a harsh winter season.

While we are disappointed that we will have less of their fine coffee to roast in the coming year, we realize and remember the much greater impact a smaller yield has on those who farm agricultural crops.  They’re a strong group of people and will most certainly deal well with the hand that Mother Nature has dealt.  We look forward to their coffee offerings (no matter the volume) this coming year and for years to come.

But Café Campesino coffee lovers need not worry about the availability of quality Colombian coffee.  We are happy for you to know how blessed we are to have another faithful partner that has also been working diligently to boost organic coffee production in their region.


Founded in 1994, comprised of about 270 families, and located in the eastern mountains of Colombia, Asociacion de pequeños caficultores de Ocamonte (APCO) is likewise well-organized and diligent in their farming duties.  The beauty and bounty of fair trade, organic coffee is evident in their coffee quality and we have enjoyed our deepening relationship with this group.

Our founder, Bill Harris, along with other members of our company and cooperative, has visited the APCO group.  And during one of those trips, he visited with four families whose lives are intimately entwined with coffee production.  Read a most interesting perspective on fair trade and the real-life benefits.

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