Introduction: Putting the “Cafe” in Cafe Campesino

Written by Cafe Campesino on Apr 1, 2008 in Introduction, NEWSLETTER |

Café (noun) — a small restaurant where drinks and snacks are sold.

Hmmm… in Spanish, café means coffee. And in our case, when combined with Campesino, as in Café Campesino, it means coffee a la small scale producer… which our customers know means great, roasted-to-order, 100% Fair Trade, organic coffee.

But soon we’ll be adding the English language definition of café to what we do. That’s right, we’re opening a coffee house right here at 725 Spring Street and we’re pretty durn excited about it, too!

For years we’ve had folks (a lot of folks!), from all over, stop by to grab a pound or two of coffee, sample our fresh brews, tour our roastery, and have a chat. Well, saddle up your coffee mugs cuz we’re about to “break wall” on our coffee house and we hope that anyone who is within range will come visit once we’re up and running, which should be before the end of May. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and photos!

While you’re thinking about reasons for traveling down to beautiful Southwest Georgia this summer (Habitat for Humanity International’s Global Village, SAM Shortline Train, President Carter’s home town of Plains, Koinonia Partners, the Rylander Theater and yes, just a few miles East, the Telephone Museum in Leslie… to name a few), read on to find out about this month’s flurry of activity in Community Caravan, learn about our friends at Oromia in Ethiopia from whom we get this month’s special Yirgacheffe, and add another great Café Campesino coffee recipe to your collection.


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