Recipe of the Month: BRAG Iced Mocha

Written by Cafe Campesino on Jun 1, 2010 in NEWSLETTER, Recipes |


Ever heard the saying “You can’t have too much of a good thing.”?  A bold statement, but I think we might agree with that when it comes to the nearly famous BRAG Iced Mocha.  In fact, some folks find them just plain addictive!  So we thought we would send this repeat your way as Geoffrey and Nick “gear up” for another Bike Ride Across Georgia event.  Cheers.

This is our volume production recipe a la BRAG, but we think you’ll get the idea!


* 50% Cafe Campesino Fair Trade, Organic Coffee (BRAG Brew is best!)
* 25% Organic Milk or Half n’ Half
* 10% Fair Trade Chocolate Syrup
* 12% Ice
* 3% Fair Trade Sugar

Mix all of the ingredients listed above in a sealed container and shake vigorously. (In the coffee house, we use a cocktail shaker to make single servings.)

Read more about the event itself in our Upcoming Event section.  Purchase some BRAG Brew coffee here.

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