Recipe of the Month: Cafe Con Leche de Soja

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(Coffee with soy milk)

(Note:  We’d like to welcome Elizabeth Dunn to our operation in Americus.  A recent graduate of Valdosta St. University, she is now head barista at our flagship coffee house.  We hope you enjoy her installment of the Recipe of the Month.)

I’ll be the first to admit it: The origins of this recipe are not mine to claim. Café con leche (or, coffee with milk) is a very popular Spanish coffee beverage consumed in Spain and many Latin American countries – like a breakfast staple compared to our coffee with cream and sugar. The typical preparation of café con leche is a bold coffee, or usually espresso, with heated milk, usually a 1:1 ratio.

Over the past few weeks that I have been working at Café Campesino, I have come to enjoy my own variation on this drink (no offense to the Spanish, you’ve done a great job already!!) I’ve found that soy milk adds a light sweetness and creaminess. Trust me: I was never a soy drinker before, but now I swear by this. Here are a few adjustments I’ve made that I think you might enjoy as well:

For a 12 oz portion (adjust by adding 2 oz. as needed for 16 and 20 oz. cups)

1. Begin with a dark coffee: I suggest using a French Roast. It’s bold, but not as bold or concentrated as an espresso blend. My favorite recommendation for this is our Bolivia French Roast orPeru Viennese Roast which is a lighter roast but is equally tasty.

2. Using your usual drip-coffee maker or French Press: brew enough for at least 6 oz. of coffee.

3. Frothing the milk: You can get a similar consistency in your milk that you would get from an espresso machine milk-steaming wand by using this technique:
Pour 6 oz. of your soy milk of choice and a teaspoon of honey (optional) into a cocktail shaker. Shake the contents vigorously for a good 30 seconds.

4. Pour milk contents into a microwavable container and heat for about thirty seconds.

5. Combine coffee and milk in one mug and enjoy!

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