Recipe of the Month: Yerba Mate Cream Frappe

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by Elizabeth Dunn

I had a customer in not too long ago who enjoys our yerba mate products . If you are not familiar with our Guayaki merchandise, yerba mate is a beverage made from the leaves and stems of a powerful rainforest tree, native to the subtropical rainforests of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. Though normally used to make lattes and teas, our customer wondered if it was possible to try making it as a frappuccino. I believe any drink combination you can dream up is possible; you just need an idea and willing taste-buds. It turned out to be quite a refreshing drink: not too sweet, light, and you still get your caffeine fix. It’s a healthy alternative you might like to try for yourself while it’s still a little warm outside.

What you will need:
-A blender
-Yerba Mate Latte Concentrate ($6/bottle at
-Vanilla ice cream
-fat-free milk
-cold brew espresso (optional)

How to prepare: (for a 16 oz. drink)
In the blender, combine:
1.) 3 oz. of your choice of milk (fat-free is suggested)
2.) 5 oz. of Yerba Mate Latte Concentrate
3.) ½ scoop of vanilla ice cream
4.) 1 oz. of cold brew espresso (*see that recipe below)
5.) 12 oz. of ice
6.) Blend thoroughly and enjoy!

*Prepare your cold brew by mixing a 1/2 gallon of cold water with a 1/2 pound of coarse ground coffee in a gallon sized container. Allow the concoction to sit at room temperature for eight to ten hours. After the coffee has been allowed to sit, pour the mixture through a tight-meshed strainer. This will separate the coffee grounds from the espresso. Pour your strained, cold brewed coffee into a container of your choice and refrigerate. This recipe yields 8 cups and will remain fresh in cold storage for several days. To make a larger or smaller batch, simply adjust the recipe using 1 ounce of coffee per 8oz. of cold water as your ratio. Tip: Smaller batches can be made easily in a French press.

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