Recipe of the Month: Greek Frappe

Written by Cafe Campesino on May 1, 2008 in NEWSLETTER, Recipes |

Greek Frappe – For the past thirty years, this has been the preferred coffee preparation method in Greece.  This recipe makes one serving.

§ 1 ½ cups strong brewed Café Campesino coffee, cooled

§ Sugar

§ Milk

§ Ice cubes

1. In a shaker or blender, mix together coffee and sugar to taste. Shake contents for about 30 seconds or blend for about 10 seconds. The result should be simply foam.

2. Pour into tall glass and add ice cubes. Add remaining water and milk to taste. Insert straw.

3. Milk and sugar are optional and according to taste.

Editor’s Note:

This recipe is a great way to make a naturally foamy frappe. Some highly processed trendy store-bought refrigerated coffees — even ones that tout their “natural” ingredients — still contain the food additive potassium diphosphate to create their foamy textures. Although generally regarded as “safe,” potassium diphosphate can still cause skin irritation, and at large doses even make you sick. Its chief function is to neutralize acid, something you don’t need to do if you have an expert roaster like Lee Harris! This is just one more reason to enjoy organic fair trade coffee from Café Campesino.

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