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African proverb – “When the elephants fight, it’s the grass that gets hurt.”

As I work tediously over a hot batch of freshly roasted beans, my mind begins to drift. In my defense, it can become brutally hot standing next to this roaster. This is south Georgia and the season of unrelenting heat and enveloping humidity is upon us. This being said, you’d have to be an idiot to want to stand next to one of these things in July… so the self-proclaimed idiot succumbs to the conditions and begins to mosey along the path of absurdity.

I’m hovering over this freshly roasted batch of an Ethiopian coffee, this one from the Yirgacheffe region. You see, I’ve been partial to this one since my first encounter and my desire for its mouth-popping lemony flavor has yet to diminish. However, lately I’ve been particularly pleased by another Ethiopian coffee, the Sidamo. It tastes like someone, somehow dropped a little orange and peach flavoring into my cup, concerned only with my satisfaction. The question now presents itself. If these two coffees were to fight, who would win?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no advocate of violence and note its needlessness regularly. Be that as it may, these are coffee beans and I don’t feel guilty for thinking of such things. So, as I’ve said before, it’s hot and in my daydream there’s this intense heat rushing through the base of the mountains of Africa. The Yirgacheffe and Sidamo beans have been hyped and manipulated by a sleazy promoter and have been forced into a ring which they reluctantly enter.

Little does the promoter know, both the Yirgacheffe and the Sidamo are pacifists and refuse to throw fists. This makes me angry because I wanted to imagine a knockdown drag-out fight between a couple of gifted coffee beans… and instead, there’s a peace demonstration in my fantasy. Well, I guess these two have made me learn something today. Having more than one fantastic coffee at my disposal is a good thing. I shouldn’t have to choose between any of them and now realize how fortunate we are that such things exist. I raise my cup to these fine beans who have made me recognize this. To Yirgacheffe and Sidamo!

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