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Before beginning this segment, we should introduce Cafe Campesino’s new Production Manager, Rusty Cheek. A native of south Georgia, Rusty is a heck of a nice guy, a talented musician, and as you might garner from the following piece, he has a great sense of humor. He joins CC to fill a vital role in our roastery as we say goodbye to Maty de Barrios who, as we mentioned earlier, is moving on from her role here thatshe performed so well for more than 4 years.

Welcome to the first installment of “Roasting with Rusty”. This, of course, is only a catchy title, as I will not be performing in-home demonstrations nor allowing any bothersome sorts to pester me while roasting the world’s tastiest coffee at Cafe Campesino. I am very excited, regarding my new role, and am looking forward to the fantastic years ahead. In this segment, I will be rewarding readers with extremely coveted information available only through this (Rusty points to area where brain should be)…moving on…

A few weeks ago, we got in a few bags of Brazilian beans from the good folks at Coopfam. Coopfam is a coffee farmer cooperative located in southeastern Brazil, which was started by seventy six families almost twenty years ago! Our roastmaster, Lee Harris, brought in a nice Viennese roasting profile for the Brazilian beans and I went to work. Twenty five pounds of some of Brazil’s finest semi-washed coffee went into the roaster with nervous anticipation of its delicious transformation (coffee has feelings, too). However, disaster struck and a fluke occurence caused the beans to roast tooquickly and drop from the roaster more than three minutes earlier than planned (a monumental amount of time in coffee roasting). Hugely disappointed, we looked over the beans trying to figure out what to do. Someone decided we should just brew up a pot… see how it turns out. Well, we did and it was delicious! This unevenly roasted, coat of a thousand colors coffee was undeniably fantastic! Knowing we’d never be able to replicate it, we bagged it all up and sold it in the coffee house under the not-so-descriptive name of “Brewzilla”! It was a classic tale of the fortunate accident. It flew off the shelf and into the chapters of Cafe Campesino folklore.

Well, we (meaning Lee) figured out what the problem was and went back to it. This time, I was certainly not as ambitious, knowing the result would be something completely different from that caffeinated treat of yore. Still, I marched on. The roasting was complete and turning out a much more consistent shade of color. Next, after allowing the beans some hours of rest, we ground the coffee for a French press and heated some water. The fragrance was intoxicating, as the excitement was returning. I had to run off while it was brewing, since I’m still expected to work around here. I was notified when the process was complete and came back to taste this glorious beverage… a near masterpiece of fruity,chocolaty, sweet deliciousness. It’s wonderfully creamy body left a long, lingering aftertaste that really sold us all. Brewzilla had been defeated. The coffee beast, that stood so tall, had been knocked down by the underdog. Our Brazil Viennese Roast…the Rocky of coffee.

Fun facts:
*Brazil is one of only seventeen countries whose name contain the letter “z”!
*Coffee is Brazil’s national beverage!
*Someone buy me tickets to the World Cup, hosted by Brazil in 2014!

Hope you liked my story, kids! Stay tuned for many more crazy stories told by none other than myself.
Upcoming installments: An angry Brewzilla destroys the streets of Tokyo! (just kidding)
Until next time…

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