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Written by Cafe Campesino on Mar 6, 2010 in NEWSLETTER, Recipes |

Hey folks, Joe here with another mouth watering recipe. This month we are featuring a recipe that one of our baristas, Tyler, created.  This delicious concoction brings together the complimentary flavors of chocolate, caramel, and cinnamon combined with your favorite Caf� Campesino coffee and warm milk. It’s a dessert drink that everyone will enjoy!


fresh brewed Caf� Campesino coffee
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 oz caramel syrup
1 oz chocolate syrup
1 cup milk
whipped cream


Combine the cinnamon with the ground coffee before you brew. In a medium saucepan, combine milk with chocolate syrup and caramel syrup. Heat while stirring occasionally until steam begins to rise off the milk’s surface. Fill two mugs halfway with the milk mixture, and then top it off with the freshly brewed coffee. Garnish with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and caramel drizzle. Enjoy!

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