What Does Acidity Mean?

Written by Cafe Campesino on Apr 23, 2011 in Tips |

A coffee’s pleasant tartness, snap, or twist, combined with an underlying sweetness, which is discerned by the dryness the coffee leaves at the back of your palate and under the edges of your tongue . This is not the same as sour or astringent, which in terms of coffee is an unpleasant sharpness. Robustas and some lower-grown arabica coffees exhibit little or no acidity, which is why their flavor is flat. Some words used to describe acidity include: bright, dry, sharp, brisk, vibrant, etc.

The following is basic guidance for customers seeking lower acidity in their coffee:
1. Select a moderately-dark- to dark-roasted coffee. Dark roasting reduces the acid sensation in coffee.
2. Select a lower-altitude, naturally low-acid coffee brought to a moderately dark roast (full-city, Viennese, light espresso). Naturally low-acid coffees include Brazils, most India and Pacific (Sumatra, Timor, Hawaii) coffees, and most Caribbean coffees.
3. Buy only quality coffee (like Cafe Campesino and Sweetwater) because it has been processed from ripe coffee fruit, which is naturally sweet and lacks the sharp, astringent sensation of cheaper coffee processed from less-than-ripe fruit.

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