So, maybe you’re wondering- “Who are these people anyway?”  Hope this helps.

Bill–  Bill Harris- founder of Cafe Campesino and founder and CFO of Cooperative Coffees, a green-coffee bean importing cooperative with 23 members across North America and Canada.

Tripp– Tripp Pomeroy- president of Cafe Campesino and Sweetwater Organic Coffees.

Geoffrey– Geoffrey Hennies (aka peaceful traveler) – outreach events and tech support.

Lee – Lee Harris-  Bill’s brother; roastmaster extrodinaire.  Founder of Sweet Georgia Baking Co.

Flores Miro Troches- Small coffee farmer and co-owner of the Fondo Paez farming cooperative in Colombia.  Look for Tripp’s interview with Flores from his 2010 visit to Colombia.

Tina– Tina Adkins- Sweetwater Organic Coffee’s general manager.

Dave– Dave Campbell- man of many talents; newsletter editor, shipping, ordering, and so much more in Americus.

Jim– Jim Caskey- Sweetwater Organic Coffee’s roaster in Gainesville.

Nema – Nema Etheridge- Cafe Campesino’s marketing & sales lady who’s relocated from Atlanta to Americus.

Karen– Karen Macario- Coffee house manager in Americus and all around wonderful lady.  Come into the Americus coffee house on a day when Karen is working and you will get a warm and welcoming “Hola,” and some of the best customer service you’ve ever had.

So many more! Cafe Campesino has been fortunate to have a number of dedicated, talented, hard-working supporters of Fair Trade sit at its desks.  A number have contributed to past issues of Fair Grounds. Please let us know if one of their articles has left an impression on you.  We’ll be happy to put you in contact with that person and let you know how he or she is doing.

Buy organic and Fair Trade coffees from Sweetwater or Cafe Campesino online at the below web addresses, or give us a call, OR come on down for a visit!

Sweetwater Organic Coffee
Gainesville, Florida
(352) 372-8342

Cafe Campesino
Americus, Georgia
(229) 924-2468



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